Discography of Ouza (Ousmane Diallo)

Ouza was born in 1947. In the 1960s, Ouza left Senegal to study traditional music in the Cote D'Ivoire, studies which informed both his political and musical message after he returned in 1980. He formed his first band in 1965.

Ouza recorded sporadically until 1993. Between recordings, he was both teaching and studying music of all kinds, traditional and contemporary, African and American. This is one reason his music has continued to be extremely innovative.

Ouza is widely respected in Senegal as an intelligent and innovative musician. However, his radical approach, both musical and political, may have prevented him from enjoying the success of his contemporaries. His most recent title, Le Vote, was not played on the radio because of its political stance.

His son, Cheikh Lo, named after Cheikh Ndiguel Lo, is a member of his present band.

I am grateful to Ouza and Mme Diallo for the new information given below. -- Allan Moss

Ouza et le Ouzettes
Lat-Dior (LP; Jambaar JM5003)
[A] Raychou / Dollar / Jeh Geh Mar
[B] Dunia / Wallu / Amina / Lat-Dior
-- This Jambaar LP is probably a reissue.

Ouza et ses Ouzettes
Wallu (LP; ????)
[A] details not known
[B] details not known

Ouza et ses Ouzettes
Musiciens(Part 1) b/w Musiciens (Part 2)(7" Sonafric SAF 1829)

Ouza et ses Ouzettes
Nobel b/w Nam-Na La (7" Sonafric SAF 1830)

Ouza et le 4 Femmes Dans le Vent
Mbaana (LP; Disques M.A.G. MAG 109; GR7605)
[A] Mbaana / Simboo / Farantamba
[B] Xaadi Simeel / Pompiee / Duuga / Yobalema

Ouza et le Teranga International Band
Wethe (Solitude) (LP; Jambaar JM5002)
[A] Bayina Music / Wethe / Sama Gueleme-Magana
[B] Dootou Mala Bayi / Terango / Senegal 80

Ouza et le Nobel
Lanke Naa (cassette; Mbaye Ndiaye)
[A] details not known
[B] details not known

Ouza et le Nobel
Vol 1: Nakhe M'Baye (cassette; GDL 001)
[A] Nakhe M'Baye / N'Danaan / Gouye Guy
[B] Diriyankee / Bus By / Ouijira
-- Personnel: Ouza + Amadou N'Diack & Cheikhna N'Diaye (guitar solos), Aly Diallo (guitar accomp), Max Ndiaye (bass), Abib Kouyate (drums), Abdourahman M'Backe (organ), Sele Thiam & Thierno Kouyate (sax), Maty Thiam & Koury N'diaye (vocal).

Le Peuple (cassette; Syllart SYL 8315)
[A] Le Peuple / Rewni / Xessal
[B] Siare / Adouna / Sunu Continent
-- Personnel: Ouza + Fina Foly, Assy Sylva & Anna Maria Diatta (vocal), Ablaye Sarr (guitar), Abdourahmane Mbacke (kbds), Max Ndiaye (bass), Cheikh Lo (drums), Tonton Kopa (alto sax), Jean Ndiaye (trumpet).

The Best (cassette; Syllart SYL 8316)
[A] Dounya / Bouba
[B] Thiaroye / Reychou / Nobel
-- Personnel: Ouza + Fina Foly, Assy Sylva & Anna Maria Diatta (vocal), Ablaye Sarr (guitar), Sy Salif (kbds), Max Ndiaye (bass), Cheikh Lo (drums), Tonton Kopa (alto sax), Jean Ndiaye )trumpet), Thierry (intro "Nobel"), Doudou Keita (bala & kora).

Ouza et les Filles Branches
N'Dar (cassette; J2, ON 90.01)
[A] Ndar / Cheikh Anta / Yamay Wo
[B] Lamb / Africa / Vagabonde
-- Personnel: Ouza + Touti Samb, Absa Samb, Iba Ngninge, Maty Thiam (vocal),Oumar Sow (guitar & kbds), Ousseynou Mbaye (drums), Ibrahima Ba Nga (perc), Meissa (tama).

Ouza in the USA (cassette; no label, no number)
[A] Wake Up / Sopeku / Dakar '92
[B] I Miss You (Namanala) / Talibe / I Miss You (again)

Ouza et les Filles Branchees
Xadimo (cassette; no label, 121365)
[A] Xadimo / La Musique / Tass-Seey no 1
[B] Cohabitation / Amath Dansokho / Thiaroye

Ouza et ses Ouzettes
Modou Modou (cassette; no label, no suffix)
[A] Modou Modou / Gambia/TV
[B] Sopeku / Gaayi / Dedounama
-- Personnel: Ouza + Touti (Samb?) Mbaye, Absa Samb, Ibou Boundaw Samb, Maty Thiam (vocal), Diop Thiam (guitar), Assane Diop (kbds), Dembel Diop & Abib Gniente (bass), Pape Yaly (drums).

Ouza et ses Ouzettes
Tawatal (cassette; no label, no suffix)
[A] Taalif / Alaadji / Baba Ndieme
[B] Djiaykat/Yamay Wo/Neman Ari
--- Personnel: Ouza + Touti (Samb?) Mbaye, Absa Samb, Ibou Boundaw Samb, Maty Thiam (vocal), Diop Thiam (guitar), Assane Diop (kbds), Dembel Diop & Abib Gniente (bass), Pape Yaly (drums). Allan Moss points out (and Ouza confirms) that the above two albums seem to have been recorded at the same session. Although they say Ouza & Ouzettes on cover, on both cassettes artist is listed as Ouza et les Filles Branchees.

Soda Mama Fall
Mohamed Serigne Cheikh (cassette; KSF no number)
[A] Dougoudougou / Samba Khary / Darou Salam / Ndioukel
[B] Serigne Mb. S. Lo / Daba Seck / Mbacke Faye / Ndeye Fall
-- Ouza did the arrangements throughout.

Ouza et ses Ouzettes
Ouza et ses Ouzettes (LP; Sound New Studio, SM 95/Second edition)
[A] Raychou / Asa-Oh / Dollar / Je Geh Mar / Rytheme Souverian
[B] Dunia / Walu / Amina / Lat Dior
-- Reissue. The credit indicates that it was manufactured from Bussu Production's original tapes.

Dunia Gassy (cassette; Talla Diagne, no suffix)
[A] I'm Sorry / Ndanane / Deugueu
[B] Dunia Gassy / Gamou Guy /Naxe Mbaye II
-- Personnel: Ouza + Touti Mbaye, Absa Samb, Iba Kebe Samb, Maty Thiam, Astou Cissokho (vocal), Assane Diop (kbds), Imame Sene (perc), Cheikh Ady Diongue (bass), Pape Gueye (guitar), Pape Yaly (drums).

Ouza Diallo
Demb (cassette; Jololi, no suffix)
[A] Ba Sakhar Ba Youkho / Bouba/Thiaroye
[B] Yaye Ami / Lat-Dior / Nobel
-- Personnel: Ouza + Iba Kebe Samb, Shoula Ndiaye, Viviane Chudid N'Dour (vocal), Cheikh Ady Diongue (bass), Cheikh Lo, Ouza & Ibou Cisse (kbds), Omar Sow (guitar), Fallou Galass Niang (drums), Pape Omar Ngom (guitar & realisation artistique).

Diapason (cassette; Keur Serigne Fallou, no suffix)
[A] Gouye Guy / Gambia / Le Peuple / Yaye Ami
[B] La Musique / Amina / Xadimo / Modou Modou
-- No track listing on the cassette. Song identification by Alan Moss.

Ouza ack Ndiaguamarees
Sen Sougnou Sama (cassette; Talla Diagne, no suffix)
[A] Sen Sougnou Sama/Wethe / Tamboulaye
[B] Baala/Dahra / Soubanala
--- Recorded in Belgium. Personnel: Ouza + Ndeye Fatou Niang, Joceline N Diouf, Diara Gueye (vocal), Pape Seck (Gueye surely?) (guitar solo), Cheikh Ady Diongue (bass), Charles Ndiaye (drums), Cheikh Lo & Ouza (kbds), Romy (saxes), Cherif Gueye (perc), Toumani Kouyate (Diabate surely) (kora).

1998 or 1999?
Femme Nue or Femme Noi (cassette; ???)
[A] details not known
[B] details not known
-- The title track is included in the CD 'Le Sante' in 2001.
Soul Njagamaree
Soul Njagamaree (cassette; AfroDunda KSF, no suffix)
[A] Fidye / Mariyela / Ndeyssane
[B] Manoumako / Khon / Aya bla
-- Diara Gueye & Mamie Sanewa (vocal), Ouza Diallo, Cheikh Lo (kbds), Djiby Gningue & Omar Sow (guitar), Thierno Kouyate (sax), Mor Ndiaye (perc), Male Sarr (djembe), Macodou Mbengue (theatre), Guele Tapee (dialogue). Produced by Ouza.

2000. 2.18
Le Vote (cassette; Origines, no number)
[A] Le Vote / Ndiguel / Salame
[B] Le Politicien / La Sante / Saxeth

Soda Mama Fall
Taif ak Baila (cassette; no label no suffix)
[A] Cheixnou Na / Oumou Xairy / Cora Fall / DAFF
[B] Visa / Ndaaq / Domou Adama / Xady Lo
-- Ouza played keyboards, bass & horns and arranged and produced this album.

La Sante (CD; Africa Productions WZOZ1 or 01028)
La Sante / Le Vote / Ndigal / Yaye Ami / Mariyella / SIDA / Politicien / Ya Salam / Soubanalah / Femme Nue / Taboulaye / Baxaabi

Ouza & Ses Ouzettes
Lat-Dior 1975-1990 (CD; Popular African Music OA208)
Africa / Vagabonde / Lamb / Guajira / Diriyankee / Nakhe M'baaye / Gouye Guy / Senegal 80 / Musiciens / Walu / Lat-dior

Ouza & les Souls Njaagamarees
Thiey! San Boroom (cassette; Origines no number)
[A] Tourisme? / Sikkiime / Thiey! San Boroom
[B] Tegnio Mougne Ba Souba/ Dafa Liiw / Sunrise Night
-- Sunrise is the club at which Ouza plays.

Special thanks to : Allan Moss who provided me with the main body of this Ouza's discography, and Naotaka Doi, John Beadle...

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