Discography of Kine Lam

Kine Lam
Vol 1: Kine Lam & le Super Etoile (cassette; Touba K7, no number)
[A] Borom Leer / Dieukeur / Lampe Fall
[B] Gaydeyay Fatma / Nguewel / Mandela Ndiaye

Late 1980s
Kine Lam
Cheick Anta Mbacke (LP; Syllart 38764-1/ cassette; Sylart SYL8388)
[A] Maam Bamba / Ndela Wade / Sokhna Moumi
[B] Dogo / Diouma Dikhate / Cheick Anta Mbacke
-- Syllart later released the contents of this LP on a 1991 CD entitled "Les Lionnes" (CD 38112-2) along with six songs by Soda Mama Fall. The six songs by Fall are: Thiawaane, Bamelou Biir, Maleye Wo, Santeu, Drogue, Aziz.

Late 1980s ?
Kine Lam
Galass (Vol. 3) (cassette; no label or reference number indicated)
[A] Galass / Sey / Takko Wade / Rijaalulah
[B] Darmanko / SIDA / Ndeye Penda / Jambar-Yi

Early 1990s ?
Kine Lam
Balla Aisa Boury (cassette; KSF 004)
[A] Balla Aisa Boury / Ndeye Fatou Ndoye / Celibataire
[B] Tabasky Thiam / Borom Keur / Lago du Wees

Kine Lam
Touba Belel (cassette; Audio Video AVP013)
[A] Baye Lahat / Dabakh / Samaxolbi
[B] Yaye Sophie / Tidiane Niang / Daba Sourang
Soda Mama et Kine Lam
Les lionnes (CD; Syllart, suffix unknown)
Man bamba / Ndela Wade / Sokhna Moumi / Dogo / Diouma Diakhate / Cheickh Anta Mbacke / Thiawaane / Bamelou Biir / Maleye Wo / Santeu / Drogue / Aziz

Early 1990s
Kine Lam et le Kaggu
Leer-Gui (Hors-Serie) (cassette; KSF vol 06)
[A] Leer-Gui / Dabaakh / Deomcratie
[B] Dogo / Gueith-Gui / Hommage a Sombel
-- "Dogo" is a different version than the one on "Cheick Anta Mbacke."

Various Artists w/ Etoile de Dakar & SK7
Sorano Singers (CD; Dakar Sound SKS 002)
Xouda Doki - Madiodio / Gorglou - Madiop Seck / Kharo Yalla - Khar M'Baye Madiaga / Galayaba - Madiop Seck / Lika Nao - N'Diaye Samba M'Boup / Senegal - Kine Lam / Bay Yanga Touba - Madiodio
-- Compilation of recordings made in the early 1980s by the featured vocalists of the National Ensemble of Senegal, who perform at the Sorano Theatre in Dakar.

Mid 1990s
Kine Lam et le Kaggu
Borom Taif (cassette; Talla Diagne no label or reference number)
[A] Goor Goorlu / Touriste / Toogal
[B] Borom Taif / Nara Bonn / Sante

Mid 1990s
Kine Lam
Noreyni (cassette; KSF 15)
[A] Kara Noreyni / Nimay Doxee / Yobente Yalla
[B] Domaine National / Asc Jaraaf / Li Waral Li
-- "Borom Taif" & "Noreyni" were recorded in Paris with session musicians Phillipe Slominsky, Alain Hatot & J. Bolognese on horns in addition to Kine Lam's usual backup group.

Mid 1990s
Kine Lam
Sunu Cossaan No. 1 (cassette; Talla Diagne no label/ reference number)
[A] Oumou Tabara / Daaru Xudoos / Ndindi / Buuna Albury
[B] Baayu Doxandeem / Kor Jamboor / Serin Dagana / Demba Waar
-- A fine set of acoustic, traditional-style music featuring Malick Soce on xalam and a traditional percussion ensemble.

Kine Lam
Clips a Paris (video; J.I.P. KV079)
Contents unknown
Kine Lam
Praise (CD; Shanachie (US) CD 64062)
Souma Sagnone / Sey (Home) / Borom Keur / Bamba (Deurbi) / Wadiou / Tascatou Khibar / Wallou
-- Kine Lam's debut US recording. "Sey" is not the same song on "Galass."

Various Artists
Les Hits de la Musique Senegalaise (video; label & reference number unknown)
Oumou Tabara (Kine Lam) / Adouna-Nimay Doxee (Kine Lam) / Lergui (Kine Lam) / Le Bourgui (Maxou) / Set Setal (Dial M'Baye) / Ntero (Pierro Sarr) / Liiti - Liiti (Ndeye Baye) / Tee Lune (Soulemane Faye) / Balla Aisa Boury (Kine Lam) / Seytane (Coumba Gawlo Seck)

Kine Lam et le Kaggu
Deurbi (cassette; Talla Diagne, no suffix)
[A] Souma Sagnone / Sey / Borom Ker / Wadiour
[B] Tascatou Khibar / Bamba / Wallou / Souma Sagnone (reprise - part)

Kine Lam
Sey (CD; World Connection WC43004)
Sey / Souma Sagnone / Borom Keur / Bamba / Wadiou / Tascatou Khibar / Wallou / Deuram / Wakh Baakhool / Mbaarmi / Mame Thierno / Lebu
-- The Deurbi tracks are identical with those issued on the Deurbi K7, and are said on the sleeve to have been licensed from Shanachie, so I guess Praise has the same versions of these songs. The last five are from the Sunu Cossane 2 album. Again, these tracks are identical to the ones released on the K7 (Alan Moss).

Kine Lam
Sunu Thiossane 2 (cassette; Talla Diagne no label/ reference number)
[A] Mame Thierno / MBaarmi / Kor Leer / Lebu
[B] Deuram / Sourang MBeri / Wakh Baakhoul / Souma Sagnone
-- Like "Sunu Cossaan No. 1," another excellent set of mainly acoustic music, enhanced this time by synthesizer. "Souma Sagnone" is an acoustic version of the opening track of "Praise."

Kine Lam
Le Retour (cassette; Jololi, no suffix)
[A] Le Retour / Souhane (Diama) / Nder/Bamba (Ndindy)
[B] Guile / Terale / Yaye / Sidy

Kine Lam
Cey Geer (cassette; Jololi, no suffix)
[A] Jullig Geej Gi / Bul sonal doomi jambur / Cey Geer / Nafissatou
[B] Sa Mbaax Gi / Yalla Yaana / Baayi Ndeye / Soy Xarela

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